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Culturally recognized or not in society, women are in an
inferior position or do not have the empowerment, not least in the aspect of
Islamic education from the beginning is believed to be a religion that is
very concerned with aspects of education so it is no coincidence if the first
five verses revealed by Al qur'an emphasizes the importance of educational
education for human beings, both male and female. There are many verses
that emphasize how high the degree of the people who pursue education
and the field of scholarship. So the empowerment of women's education is
a way and process of improving women's education in the hope that they
are able to control their life. The purpose of empowerment is to increase the
power of women who in the reality of life until now have the fate of the
unlucky. With capital Empowering women in education paradigm of
liberation, civil society will be built. Civil society implies a highly upheld
democratic attitude. The civil society is a picture of a society free from
governmental intervention, self-reliance, egalitarian and democratic.
According to Naquib Al attas, civil society is a society that adheres to the
principles of democratization, respect for human rights, obeying the law
and respecting the value of humanity.


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