Pembentukan Akhlak Melalui Pembinaan Kecerdasan Spiritual

Masrifa Hidayani


Morals it is a science that explains the meaning of good and bad by comparing
and contrasting the two, then get used to the things that are good, that ahirnya can be
socialized and loved us something. Morals that there is a form of character and temperament
that has been instilled by Allah. on every soul of man and of a general nature, including
temperament is commendable and despicable and there is also a property that is cultivated by
studying and holding fast to the laws and adab-adab of the Shari'a, and it is more special
than the first. Spirituality in Islam is synonymous with spiritual intelligence which is
essentially the intellectual stage of this spirit can we begin since pre-pregnancy, then we
continue the pregnancy, and can keep us awake from toddlers to adults. Every religious
believer who believed in the existence of God as creator, then on him the growing spirituality.
Desire of maintaining confidence in ourselves that this life nothing is set up and control it,
and even then a branch of spirituality.


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