Perkembangan Makna Sunnah Pada Periode Formatif Hukum Islam

Suhilman Mastafa


The conversation around the Sunnah since the classical period of Islam to the
contemporary age, always nuanced and kontreversi prolonged polemic. Intellectual
friction in the study of the Sunnah that revolve around the meaning of the Sunnah and its
historical evolution, distinction with tradition, and is a well-established practice of the
Muslims can be referred to as Sunnah to be proof or not. In a historical perspective the
themes of the sunnah developing preformance classic discourse thinking Muslims.
Reconstruction of the above problems is the study very interesting and significant to be
discussed. And that should be emphasized that the meaning of the Sunnah is not something
that is taken for granted as it is, but through an evolutionary process that is long enough


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