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This study raised the issue of Parental Guidance Pattern in Educating Religious Behavior of Teens in Nendagung
village of South Pagar Alam. This study used qualitative research methods to understand the phenomenon of what is
experienced by research subjects. The Techniques of data collection used were interviews, observation and documentation.
From the results of this study indicate that the parental guidance pattern in educating religious behavior by guiding
adolescent teenager has been running well, but not maximized yet, it can be seen in daily practice for every parent that
already provides guidance and examples to each of their children in daily life like good character toward the family between
parents and children, among children with their parents, between moral life with peers and neighbors who already guided
by parents in in Nendagung village of South Pagar Alam, guiding teens to have good manners indeed to be with feeling
and heart, because adolescence is an age that is highly vulnerable and have very high ego. Inhibiting factors of parents in
educating their religious behavior of teenagers in in Nendagung village of South Pagar Alam arising from environmental
and social effects of technological advances require the guidance of the family especially the parents as the closest person
with the growth and education for teenagers at home.Moral is awareness of one’s soul to deeds without consideration of
the mind first. Therein lies the role of parents in shaping the personality, characters and morals of teens. Parents should
have a role and a high knowledge, all of it can be obtained in a religious activity. The moral of teenagers formed or not
depends on the responsibility, understanding and knowledge that exist in the elderly. Parents have a responsibility to
guide, nurture and maintain their children, so it is expected that the teenagers have good morals.


Parental Guidance Pattern,EducatingReligious Behavior of Teens

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