Analisis Kemampuan Pemustaka Menelusur Informasi Melalui OPAC di Pusat Pepustakaan IAIN Curup

Rhoni Rodin, Siti Nuraida


This study aims to analyze the ability of users in tracing information through OPAC at the IAIN Curup Library Center. This type of research is descriptive with a qualitative approach. The methods used in data collection are observation, interview and documentation. The results of this study indicate that there are still students who are not so familiar with the name OPAC. The use of OPAC in the IAIN Curup Library Center is still not fully utilized by users. Because there are still many users who prefer to look for collections directly on the shelf. This is because many users find it difficult to use OPAC and also because users are still not accustomed to using OPAC. The ability of users in tracing information in the library is not yet maximized. Library users only do a simple search in search of information, such as the title and author only. If the clans sought are not found, visitors look for collections one by one into the shelves. The IAIN Curup’s Library has introduced OPAC to users by conducting ucer education every year, upon admission of new students. And also on each OPAC computer is given a name tag / display. As a solution in this case the IAIN Curup’s Library needs to promote the use of OPAC in tracing information.


users, searching information, OPAC, IAIN Curup’s Library

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