Analysis of the Leadership Style of the Head of the Library (Case Study of UPT Bung Karno Library Blitar)

Suci Nurrahma Kuswati


The issue of leadership today is an interesting one to discuss in management. Leadership in organizations / agencies in the public sphere is more widely discussed, because it is directly related to the surrounding community. The library is one of the institutions in the service and service sector that is directly related to the community. Libraries are then divided into two, namely public libraries and special libraries. The UPT of Bung Krno's Proclamator Library is a special plus library managed by the National Library of Indonesia (PNRI) for the people of Blitar City in particular and in general Indonesian people, tasked with improving Indonesian culture and civilization through the thoughts and actions of great people. This research uses a case study research method with a qualitative design. Data obtained from observations, interviews and literature studies, constrained access to and from outside the city due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this paper conducts interviews via online media with assistance from customer service. Interviews were replaced by filling out closed questionnaires to 10 (ten) employees in the UPT Bung Karno Library. The result of this research is that the head of Bung Karno Library's UPT uses democratic leadership in leading agencies.
Key words: leadership, special library, UPT Bung Karno Library, democratic leadership.

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