Praktik Copy Cataloging di Indonesia: Kajian Awal

Arief Wicaksono, Yuliarty Bunga


Copy cataloging is an implementation of information technology in the cataloging of library materials. The world of international libraries has practiced copy cataloging in processing library materials. This study examines the practice of copy cataloging in Indonesian libraries. This research uses descriptive quantitative method using a questionnaire as a source of data collection. The results showed that 49.5% of respondents did not know the practice of copy cataloging and 50.5% of respondents knew the practice of copy cataloging. It was found that 33% of respondents were aware that the practice of copy cataloging had already done this. Another finding is that librarians who practice copy cataloging are using various library automation systems and 58% are using the National Library database as a source in copy cataloging.


copy cataloging, Indonesia, libraries

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Wicaksono, A. (2016). Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia sebagai Sumber Copy Cataloging. Khizanah Al-Hikmah, 4(2): 140-151.



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