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Jurnal Al-Lughah: Jurnal Bahasa has been published since November 2012 in printed version (pISSN: 2656-9116),  Maret 2019 in online version (eISSN: 2302-9986). It is a peer-reviewed journal devoted specifically to the studies of English and Arabic linguistics and literature and other literatures with a special emphasis on local culture and its aspect. Published twice a year in June and December, the first edition of Al-Lughah : Jurnal Bahasa was published in 2012. The journal contents are managed by Language Center, Islamic Studies and Culture (Pusbakik) IAIN Bengkulu, Indonesia. The primary objective of the journal is to provide a productive forum for lecturers, researchers, authors, graduate students, and practitioners to present results of their recent studies in the areas of English and Arabic linguistics and literature and other literary traditions. The journal is also intended to help disseminate recent developments in theories, concepts, and ideas in the areas concerned to the academic community of language, literature and Culture studies.

Authors are invited to submit their unpublished manuscripts. The manuscript should follow the predetermined writing guidelines which have been provided by the editorial board. The template can be downloaded at the right front homepage of Al-Lughah : Jurnal Bahasa or you may contact the editorial team. Authors must send the manuscript(s) directly via OJS or to


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Vol 9, No 1 (2020): June 2020

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Tias Siswanti
: 10.29300/lughah.v9i1.2665 | Abstract view : 0 times
Ragab Ibrahim Ahmed Awad, El Sayed Mohamed Salem Alawadi
: 10.29300/lughah.v9i1.3249 | Abstract view : 0 times
Pebri Prandika Putra
: 10.29300/lughah.v9i1.3226 | Abstract view : 0 times
El Sayed Mohamed Salem Alawadi, Ragab Ibrahim Ahmed Awad
: 10.29300/lughah.v9i1.3248 | Abstract view : 0 times