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Nilai Pendidikan Karakter dalam Surat Al-Fatihah

Siti Zumrotul Mutmainah


This research discusses the value of character education in Alfatihah's letter. This research uses a method of literature study. The results of this study concluded that first, the internalization of the concept of tawhid through understanding and imagining the concept of God Efforts to understand the concepts in question are directed to hone and develop the potential of reason framed in the realm of tauhîd. Second, efforts to foster awareness of worship with sincerity, true and done in a istikomah and continuously. The worship if done properly, mindful and istikomah will build a great character such as discipline, caring for others, having a big soul and withstanding trial. Third, cultivate awareness of doing right and good, associating with right and good people, abandoning despicable deeds and those who are harmed, wrong deeds and those who are lost. The application of the deepest character values of surat al-Fâtihah in the present context is relevant to addressing the moral crisis that is engulfing the country. Given, the learning process has tended to teach moral and ethical education to the extent of the text and less prepare students to respond and face contradictory lives. In the context of formal education in schools / madrasas, one of the causes is because education in Indonesia is more focused on intellectual or cognitive development alone, while the soft skills or nonacademic aspects as the main elements of moral education have not been considered.

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