Syamsul Rizal


The goal of this research was to analyze English textbook of IAIN Bengkulu that was used by lecturers and students for English subject in General Basic Subject from  PGMI and PAI students’ perception viewed from content, presenting, and language.  Population consisted of third semester of PAI (250 students) and PGMI (190 students) with 440 total students and all the lecturers of English Department Tarbiyah Faculty of IAIN Bengkulu. This research used random sampling technique for 66 students (15%) and purposive sampling for 3 leacturers. This research applied descriptive quantitative. Based on data analysis were got English Textbook of IAIN Bengkulu viewed from (1) material was not enough qualified for studenst’ of PAI and PGMI of Tarbiyah Department in IAIN Bengkulu; (2) presenting was not suitable with students’ need, and (3) language was not suitable  for students’ level reading ability and reading level of textbook. It can be conluded that English textbook material was not effective for non students of English department in Tarbiyah Faculty IAIN Bengkulu.


Bahan Ajar; Analis; Bahasa Inggris


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